Human Identification Technologies

DNA consulting and DNA testing

About Our Company

At Human Identification Technologies we provide our clients with the highest caliber of service. Due to the complexities and constant advancement of DNA testing technologies, HIT maintains focus is on forensic DNA issues.  

Human Identification Technologies:

  1. Provides forensic DNA testing and consultative services to the legal communities worldwide

  2. Leads the marketplace with a focus on customized full service DNA testing designed to meet the needs of our clients

  3. HIT's partnerships allow us to offer other Forensic Services such as:
    • Ballistics
    • Crime Scene Investigation Consulting
    • Evidence Collection
    • Blood Spatter Consulting
    • Tool Marks Consulting
    • Firearms Consulting
    • Controlled Substance Consulting
    • Clandestine Laboratory Consulting

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Human Identification Technologies

P.O. Box 608 Redlands, CA 92373