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 About Us 

Blaine M. Kern
Founder & Chief Forensic Scientist

In 2004, after retiring from a California Sheriff's  Crime Laboratory, Mr. Kern founded Human Identification Technologies, the first ASCLD/LAB International,  accredited forensic  DNA  testing  laboratory  in the state of California.


As Chief Forensic Scientist, Mr. Kern understands every case is unique and requires special considerations based on the circumstances surrounding the forensic evidence. Based on that knowledge, he provides every client with a holistic perspective as it relates to the forensic evidence in their individual case.  With over 25 years of forensic science expertise, Mr. Kern is often commended for his professionalism, focus and candor.


Human Identification Technologies has become a trusted and respected leader in the forensic science community and a continual technical resource for attorneys, law enforcement and other legal professionals.  Our staff members have analyzed over 5,000 forensic cases, conducted  over 1,400 crime scene investigations and provided hundreds expert witness testimonies. Our seasoned staff of forensic professionals have never encountered a challenge they couldn't overcome. We look forward to assisting you with your next case.


" I appreciate all the work HIT has done on this case and Blaine's testimony was EXCELLENT!  "


Riverside District Attorney's Office

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