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DNA Consulting Services
Human Identification Technologies will guide you through the forensic DNA review process.  We will verify or refute the validity of the DNA testing results and determine the soundness of the DNA testing conclusions offered by the government. The following is a typical outline of our DNA consulting process:
  • Generate a Case Specific Discovery Request for All of the General and Scientific Data Required to Provide a Comprehensive Review
  • Review the Government's DNA Testing Reports
  • Review the Government's DNA Testing Protocols
  • Review the Government's Analytical DNA Testing Data
  • Review the Government's DNA Population Statistics
  • Determine the Role (Big Picture) of the DNA Evidence 
  • Determine if Additional DNA Evidence Could or Should be Tested
  • Provide Our Client With a Verbal or Written Report Based on Our Findings
DNA Testing Services
Human Identification Technologies will collect and process DNA evidence.  Once completed, the DNA evidence will be submitted to one of our partner forensic DNA testing laboratories for DNA typing . Our routine process for DNA testing is as follows:
  • Collect DNA Evidence from a Crime Scene or Retrieve the Evidence from the Custody of the Investigating Law Enforcement Agency  
  • Document and Track Evidence Chain of Custody 
  • Screen Evidence (Firearm, Drink Container, Bedding, etc) for the Presence of Biological Fluid Stains / DNA
  • Document , Collect, Package and Preserve Biological /DNA Evidence
  • Send DNA Evidence to Accredited Forensic DNA Testing Laboratory for DNA Typing
  • Interpret DNA Testing Results Provided by Partner DNA Testing Laboratory
  • Provide a Report Based on the DNA Typing Results
Expert Testimony Services
Human Identification Technologies forensic experts always provide clear, concise and understandable testimony that is custom tailored to your case circumstances. Here is a list of our testimony related services: 
  • Create Court Exhibits to Explain the Subject Matter, Case Specific Results and Conclusions to the Jury
  • Generate a List of Proposed Cross Examination Questions for the Opposing Counsel's Expert
  • Work Closely with Counsel to Determine the Role of the Forensic Evidence
  • Provide Relevant Forensic Science Education to Counsel and Jury Members
  • Assist Counsel with the Integration of Forensic Evidence During Trial 
Crime Scene Investigations (CSI)
Human Identification Technologies will dispatch our team of crime scene experts anywhere in the world to provide crime scene reconstruction services:

     Crime Scene Photography      Crime Scene Sketches     Detailed Notes     Forensic Evidence Collection     Latent Print Processing            

     Bloodstain Pattern Analysis     Bluestar Blood Enhancement     Bullet Trajectory Analysis   Shoe Print / Tire Track Impressions

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